Top 20 Free Android Games For PC

Android is a wonderful gadget where you can play countless games and use countless numbers of useful applications and probably all of them are free. Most of them are free but these days, developers are using the in-app purchase method to earn some real good. Still it’s up to their awesome and unique gameplay that allows them to become top developers. We won’t waste your time further, as you are already aware of Android Emulators for PC. There are few Android emulators that are available for free and if you want our opinion, Andy & BlueStacks are the leading one.

How To Run Android Games on PC

You can visit us any time to learn how to run Android games on your respective PC or Mac. We have mentioned many addicting popular games and applications that works perfectly fine on PC & Mac. So now we are going to tell you about twenty Android games that you can run and enjoy on your big screens without hesitation. But before going any further, let me tell you that the games that we are going to show you are best one you can play right now just for free on your PC or Mac and we are not comparing any of the game with other. It’s just a top twenty Android games that we have tested and enjoyed on our PC & Mac with the help of Android emulators.

1: Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 is a best and top free racing game that is available on Google Play Store right now powered by Gameloft. In this game you can perform amazing stunts and tricks while racing. The gaming experience is not based on real type of racing but still it’s a lot more fun when we have fastest cars, weird tracks and tough opponents. Complete the career mode, buy luxury dream cars and visit new exotic locations. Now it’s time to get airborne with Asphalt 8. The size of the game is really big so people don’t really bother try downloading it on Smartphones. But now you can play it on your PC & Mac with the help of any Android emulator.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne For PC & Mac


2: Hill Climb Racing

This game is one of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game you can play on your Smartphones for free. I don’t think 100 of millions of users are lying about it. You can use different type of cool vehicles and all you have to do is to climb the hilly area with that vehicle. Things get really addicting in this game as we have to focus on car balance. You just have two controls, accelerate and brakes but it is not that simple, you have to use the gas of that vehicle in an appropriate way or you will lose. This game is available for free via Google Play Store and the good part is that it runs completely flawless on bigger screens.

Download Hill Climb Racing For PC & Mac


3: Traffic Racer

This is also one of the most popular racing game but with a different game style that is available for free via Google Play Store. In this game, we have to do just one thing as the name suggest. You have to race the traffic. But it’s never too easy to beat the traffic as there are lots of trucks, busses, cars etc. on road. You can chose the amount of difficulty level in this game that enables the new players to get a little bit of a grip of this game. Speed up and do some near cuts with the traffic to earn points. Unlock many awesome cars and have fun in different roads with different amount of traffic you want. This game is free to play and now it can also be played on your PC & Mac without any hesitation.

Download Traffic Racer For PC & Mac


4: Dr. Driving

The graphics of this game are not so good but it won’t stop you and your addiction towards this game. We can’t complain the developer because they enabled the game for almost every Android OS. So any one can play without any hesitation. The name of the game says it all. You will earn coins by following the traffic rules and complete tasks like changing lanes etc. But don’t crash or you will pay the price. This game is free to play and available for free via Google Play Store. Those who don’t have Android devices can enjoy playing this game on their PC & Mac without any hesitation.


5: Angry Birds Fight!

This is a newest game by Rovio and it might become a great threat to the games like Candy Crush Saga and RPGs. This game is a mixture of a puzzle game and an RPG and by combining it we got Angry Birds Fight. The atmosphere is really good with an epic adventure. You have to combine birds in a puzzle game like Candy Crush Saga in a fix amount of time that will give your bird a strength and once done, you will watch the fierce fight. This game is available for free on Google Play Store and you can now play this game even on your PC & Mac.

Download Angry Birds Fight! For PC & Mac


6: Angry Birds Bubble Shooter

We are not taking sides of “Angry birds” but there is no doubt that they are pretty awesome when it comes to unique gameplay. There are many bubble shooting games on Google Play Store and finally we can have a different type of that classic puzzle game. Everyone is well aware of Bubble shooting games where you have to combine more than two bubbles to get scores. But you have to shoot them to the same colors, in order to win. In this game, you have many characters with their own gaming style, like you will have timer, or a fix amount of bubbles etc. Now you have to use your brain to win in this game. There are other things too like you have to shoot down those evil piggies in an awesome bubble shooting mode. You can play this game on your PC & Mac as well.


7: Bus Simulator 2015

You might find it weird but Simulation games like these are on top of Google Play Store and why they shouldn’t be? There are just few simulation games with good graphics and this is one of them. It’s not basically all about racing but it’s about driving according to the rules of traffic or you will have to pay the fine and that is not a good thing. In this game, you have endless high graphics where you have to simulate the bus that means, you have to stop in a bus stop, take passengers and stop them to their required destination. There are lots of tracks and stuff in this game which makes it one of the best and top addicting simulating games ever.

Download Bus Simulator 2015 For PC & Mac


8: Badland

This is one of the dark and gloomy adventure game you can play on Google Play Store. By dark and gloomy, we actually meant the atmosphere looks. I don’t know what to say or how to define the character, it’s a blob looking dark iconic character of this game. In this game, they want to explore the whole remaining world as we do. We like some surprises and this is full of them. Your character can turn smaller, bigger, or you can have clones during your journey. Crashing through things wouldn’t usually cause you any harm but staying behind can cause you an end of your life. This game is free to play and now you can play this epic game on your PC & Mac as well.


9: Smash Hit

This is one of a best arcade game where you have a journey through time and space. It’s a weird world with weird place, where you have mirrors almost everywhere. But this game is a little bit tricky. You have fix amount of smashing balls and lots of weird and difficult stages. So don’t just break mirrors recklessly. Use your brain to focus and find balls in a stage, shoot them to acquire them and this is a way of playing it till the end. The graphics are perfectly neat and cool. It’s always fun to play such neat and addicting games on bigger screens and this is one of them.

Download Smash Hit For PC & Mac


10: Subway Surfers

This is a brilliant endless running game that ever existed on Google Play Store. Countless new games are being launched with the same motives and with lots of new things but this game just wouldn’t give up. It’s really cool to visit lots of places and with each updates of this game, we have been visiting lots of nice and epic places. Developer of this game includes lots of cool power ups and characters. If we look more into it, we can even customize the character a little bit and it’s really fun. In this game, you have to run from a police as you are a naughty kid. Use your reflexes. Avoid trains and other obstacles and have fun with different power-ups. This game is free and available on Google Play Store and now you can play this addicting game even on your PC & Mac.

Download Subway Surfers For PC & Mac


11: Hungry Shark Evolution

This game is one of its kind where you have an entirely different stuff. Do you ever wonder how the shark survive and what they do when they are feeling hungry? That’s exactly you are going to do in this game. Eat the fishes to evolve and kill hunger but too bad you are that type of shark that just always stay hungry. But don’t worry you have many choices to eat. Eat different types of fishes etc. or just look for humans as they are delicious meals. The graphics of this game is really cool and this game is free to play on Google Play Store. Now the good thing is that you can play this game even on your PC & Mac with Android emulators.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution For PC & Mac


12: Clash of Clans

If you are looking for an epic strategy game for your Smartphone for free then Clash of Clans is here for you. This is a top strategy game you will find on Google Play Store and no doubt this is one of the epic strategy based game I have ever played. In these type of games, you have to use your brain to build your epic village with amazing troops in order to win from other clans. Why this game is cool? Because you have to fight against all the players of this game worldwide. This game is free to play although it offers some in-app purchases. The good thing is that now you can experience this game even on your PC & Mac without any hesitation.

Download Clash of Clans For PC & Mac


13: Hay Day

If you have played FarmVille on Facebook then you should know that this is a best farm game that you can play on your Smartphones for free. Build your farm. Understand the nature of your land. Grow crops and trade it with your friends and neighbor. It’s a whole peaceful village life and it’s still on a top shelves of Google Play Store. If you want to experience the awesome journey of an ordinary farm business than this game is for you. You can play this game for free via Google Play Store. If you don’t have a Smartphone, don’t worry because it runs pretty well on PC and Mac.

Download Hay Day For PC & Mac



If you are a fan on all parts of MORTAL KOMBAT series than the good thing is that they have recently released Mortal Kombat X for different platforms including Android & iOS for free. The game is filled with epic action with all those amazing and horrifying fatalities of your favorite characters. The graphics of this game are so good and this is really worth playing on your Smartphone. This game needs minimum 1.5GB of free space of your Smartphone and if you are suffering from Smartphone’s memory issues like most of the users are, fear not because you can play this game on your PC & Mac as well.

Download MORTAL KOMBAT X For PC & Mac


15: EA Sports UFC

This is a new game on Google Play Store for free. In this game you have to fight on a reality based fighting show. Unlike other games, you will notice that this game is really hard to play because it is based on a real fighting skills and stuff. Even those users, who don’t know a single thing about this game can still enjoy and got know more about it and some players while playing it. Unlike any other games, this game don’t have energy bars that means you can play the game as many times as you can without any limits. This game is free to play and now you can play this game even on your PC & Mac.



If you are well aware of Terminator, the blockbuster Hollywood action movie series. Now the newest part is on the way and you can play its official game on your Smartphones for free. As you already know, the humanity is at its end and you can become the savior of the planet. The machines are cruel and looking for you. They won’t hesitate killing you any second they saw you. So it’s better to kill them before they kill you. This game is free to play and now you can also play this game on your PC & Mac with the help of Android emulators.



17: DEER HUNTER 2014

This is an old game but still people love playing it no matter what. If you like hunting or you ever dream of becoming a professional Deer Hunter, then this game is made for you. With epic gameplay, you can use different type of guns according to your hunting style. Stay calm and wait for a perfect timing to hunt down the deer professionally but beware of some other animals as they will try to attack you. This game is free to play and available on Google Play Store, you can download and play this game on your PC & Mac as well without any hesitation.

Download DEER HUNTER 2014 For PC & Mac


18: Shadow Fight 2

This game is a successor of Shadow Fight with lots of improved visuals and with an epic gameplay. It is a coolest fighting-RPG from the creators of parkour hit Vector game. In this game the visuals are really different, you are a shadow fighter which means you have all that cool shadowy look. Now it’s time for you to train and fight your opponents with easy and best controls you can use for your Smartphones. The graphics are really catchy and you will love it even on a bigger screens. For that you have to use Android emulators for your PC & Mac.

Download Shadow Fight For PC & Mac


19: Interlocked

This is a best and unique type of puzzle game that is recently released on Google Play Store. “Interlocked” word is totally opposite on what we are going to do in this game. The task is simple, we have some wooden 3D box that are being stuck in a complex form. Now we have to separate each block in order to complete the level. This sounds easy enough but I am afraid it’s not. The developer of this game created an entirely different stage of difficult levels in this game. It sure is fun to play such game on our Smartphone. The good thing is that it is free to play on Android and now you can play this game even on your PC & Mac.

Download Interlocked For PC & Mac


20: Zombie Highway 2

This is a successor of Zombie Highway which was a leading game in action genre. Unlike its previous game, this game has lots of improved visuals so it’s worth downloading even on big new Smartphones. The task is simple, Zombies are looking for your brain if you really have one! You have a vehicle and guns. This is what you all need to survive the Zombie apocalypse. Buy new epic weapons and vehicles in order to survive. Discover new zombies with the brief description and get coins. All the environment is really epic and the good thing is that this is free to play game and now you can play this game even on your PC & Mac.


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There are lots of other cool Android games available for free on Google Play Store. But we only focus for the games that runs pretty well on your PC. These all are not the new games but still these are best games you can enjoy not just on your Smartphones but also on PC & Mac too. Just follow our guide to run these Android game on PC or Mac with full potential.

Remix OS is a new option to run Android Apps and Games on Windows and Mac OS X. Follow the steps here to Download and install Remix OS on PC. Use it to play this game and many others in a completely new fashion.

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