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Mediasoft Entertainment introduced the world of Tappymon. The new game is called Tappymon Hatch them all. This game is based on a mythical world where monsters live in harmony and peace. However, there are occasional battles. Some are pretty nasty. In order to survive in this world, you have to be the best trainer ever. Fight your way through several levels and strengthen your monsters. Now download Tappymon PC for Windows and Mac OS X. First download Tappymon APK from the link given below. The follow the installation instructions to play Tappymon PC with Bluestacks or Andy. It can also be played using Remix OS. Lets go through all the features of this game.

The graphics of this game are very similar to likes of Pokemon GO and Digimon games. Basically each trainer will collect cute monsters. There are four elements: Fire, water, air and earth. Each element possesses unique training abilities. Monsters evolve by feeding them with these elements. The evolution of these monsters depends on the elements that they are fed. There are several other feeds that can unlock new and special abilities of each monster. Once they are fully upgraded, you will be able to participate in the most elite and epic battles of the arena. The game modes include online and offline battles. These battles can be part of story mode or against others in arena.

download Tappymon pc for mac win

You can play Tappymon PC on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X. You have to download and install Android Emulator first. The follow the installation instructions below. Make sure that you follow every instruction carefully. To play the game, you have to use Bluestacks for complete functionality. It has the custom key mapping tool. This tool will be used to use any touch screen keys from the keyboard. Below are the instructions to install Tappymon PC version on Windows and Mac both. Follow the steps carefully.

Required Downloads – Tappymon for Windows/Mac

There are two requirements for this game to be installed on any computer. First you need to download and Android Emulator and install on computer. Choose from two of the best ones available right now; Bluestacks 2 and Andy. Bluestacks has two versions but choose the one that you like better. Check both before choosing one.

BlueStacks | Rooted BlueStacks | BlueStacks 2Andy Emulator

Tappymon APK – or Download from Play Store

How to install Tappymon for PC via Bluestacks (Windows and Mac)

  1. Download and install Bluestacks as mentioned in the downloads section
  2. Download the APK and save it anywhere on your PC.
  3. Now open the downloaded file with Bluestacks as preferred App.
  4. App Handler will install it automatically.
  5. Once done, open Bluestacks and click on the icon the game in App drawer.
  6. This will start the game and download any data if required.
  7. Here is another method if you want to install Tappymon on PC automatically.
  8. Open Bluestacks and click on Search Button.
  9. Type any game’s name and then click on Search for it in Play Store.
  10. It will ask you to login with Google Account to continue.
  11. Now login with Google username and password to login into Google Play Store inside Bluestacks.
  12. Once done, follow same step as 9.
  13. It will open search results and click on Tappymon.
  14. It will install it directly from Play Store to your Emulator.
  15. Now you can play Tappymon on PC anytime!
  16. You can also follow this guide to install it on your machine.

How to install Tappymon for PC via Andy (Windows/Mac)

  1. Download and install Andy aka Andyroid on your computer.
  2. Download the APK and save it anywhere on your desktop of PC.
  3. Now double-click on downloaded file and select Andy as preferred app to run it.
  4. Andy will install it itself automatically.
  5. Once done, you will receive a notification.
  6. Open it and it will take you right to Tappymon on computer.
  7. For those who want an alternative follow below given steps.
  8. Login to Play Store inside Andy.
  9. You will need to login with your actual Google Account.
  10. Then open Play Store and search for Tappymon.
  11. In the search results, click on game’s icon.
  12. In next screen, click on Install.
  13. Once done,open the app drawer and access it.
  14. Now you can play Tappymon on Andy at anytime.
  15. You can also follow this guide to install it on your machine.

If you have any questions related to Tappymon for computers, then leave us a comment below. We will get back to you ASAP!

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