Shapes & Sound For PC (Windows & Mac)

There are many games on Google Play Store which let us put our full potential in it and that is the main reason behind millions of downloads. I don’t think millions of users are lying to you but there are other games out there with low numbers of downloads. Before we go any further, I want to tell you why I am talking about number of downloads.

That is because mostly people judge games with these, even I do in past but I don’t think judging a game with number of downloads is right enough. There are some games with no downloads that is because no one noticed that game or the other reason is that they are new on Google Play Store. So on these type of stuff, you have to follow your heart but yes we are also here to let you know about the coolest new Android game right now.

We usually don’t review stuff but I think this game deserves one. Shapes & Sounds: Shape shooter is a game that will become your new addiction someday. It is a 2D game a different concept. I guess the concept is same but the way of creating a shooting game is different and this is what we all need. The things are pretty simple yet we need to focus completing on a game. We have to focus every single second on a game to make some good scores in this game.

The task is simple. You will be given a shape. Now shoot the different shapes and absorb the same shape. This looks simple enough but there are many traps hidden for you. As there are hearts in shapes that will increase your health but make sure you absorb that heart with the same shape as yours or you will regret giving up some of your health. The other thing you must know is that there are a big shapes too, shoot them to make them smaller and if they are same as you, absorb them.


Sounds pretty easy? Play this game and challenge your friends in it. The music is cool too although the menu buttons are too much smaller that is not very attractive. This game is free and available on Google Play Store but you can play this game even on your PC & Mac. This game is not officially available for PC but there is a good way to do so. All you need is to download any Android emulator for PC or Mac. The rest steps are pretty easy.

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Download BlueStacks or Andy Android Emulator for your PC or Mac. Open it, and download this game via Google Play Store. Or simply download its APK file and open it, it will start installing with APK handler of any Android emulator. After that you can find the game on App Drawer of your Android emulator. What do you think of this game? Share your thoughts and reviews with us. If you find any difficulties by playing it on PC, feel free to ask us anything in the comment box below.

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