How to Download Android Apps & Games on BlueStacks 2

BlueStacks recently released its successor and that is known as BlueStacks 2. This new Android emulator is really promising if you are looking for best and most reliable Android emulator ever. They have really improved this emulator and all the heavy games are working just fine in it. What’s more to it is that they have added lots of other features like sidebar tool and with that you can do many things like download APK, move files, capture a screenshot etc.

The most vital feature of BlueStacks 2 is multitasking. The UI of this new emulator is really neat and the new multitasking feature works like a boss. But still they have introduced lots of new things in this new emulator you will face bugs as well. We ourselves find some bugs in multitasking even though it didn’t affect the app or game we have used so far.

When you open any app, it should open in a new tab as it is a feature in multitasking but some apps don’t open in new tabs and this is sometimes really annoying. Screen size changer also don’t work pretty well sometimes but when it comes to gaming, it will work pretty smooth and better then old BlueStacks.

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You can download Android apps and games in two ways. Download them via Google Play Store or just download APK format of any app and open it on your BlueStacks 2. But recently they have added another way to download Android app or game manually. They have an APK button in the left sidebar but the question is that why would you ever need that button? For some cases you would definitely want to use it.

If you are like us who uses different Android emulators, then you will find that button much reliable than ever. If you have added other Android emulator as a default for Android APKs then why bother changing the default settings every time? You can simply use that button to download Android APK in no time. We are going to guide you all the possible way to download Android APK on BlueStacks 2 below.

Most useful feature of BlueStacks 2
Most useful features of BlueStacks 2
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Download Android Apps & Games via Google Play Store in BlueStacks 2

  • Download BlueStacks 2 on your PC.
  • You can check the complete installation guide for BlueStacks 2 from here.
  • Now in order to download Android App or Game on your PC in BlueStacks 2, head over to its search button and search for any game for a first time.
  • Now it will ask you to find it in Google Play Store. Tap it to proceed further.
  • Now it will ask you to use your Gmail account. If you have an Android phone with Google Play Store account. Simply put that account in it and proceed sign in. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create one by clicking in sign up option.
  • Once you are done with your account. Just open Google Play Store and search for any app that you want to install and just have fun.
  • This method works on all Android emulators ever existed for PC & Mac.

Download Android Apps & Games APK in BlueStacks 2

  • Downloading apps manually is a hectic work. You need to find APKs of your favorite games but believe me, this is the most reliable way ever. Manually downloading an App is the best way because Google Play Store is mostly messing up with you.
  • In order to download Android APK, you can visit our site and download your desire APK. If you want us to add game of your liking, then feel free to ask us in the comment box below.
  • Once you have downloaded APK of your desire game or app, then open its location in your PC.
  • Now double click that APK and it will start installing on your BlueStacks.
  • If you have other Android emulator as a default, then simply open BlueStacks 2. Tap the APK button that is given on the left sidebar of BlueStacks 2. From here, locate your APK and open it. It will automatically start downloading that app on your BlueStacks 2.
  • If you have a game with Obb files, then BlueStacks 2 has a solution for you.
  • In order to copy Obb file on your BlueStacks 2, tap the folder shape button that is given in the left sidebar of BlueStacks 2. It will let you copy files from Windows to your BlueStacks 2.
  • Now search for your Obb file and transfer it on your BlueStacks 2 with as ease.

Use Other Stores to Download Android Apps & Games in BlueStacks 2

  • If you don’t want to use Google Play Store, then why not simply use other stores?
  • You can download Amazon App Store or download vShare App Market that we have recently reviewed.
  • Use them to download your favorite Android Apps & games on your PC via BlueStacks 2 or other Android emulators.
  • That’s it! If you have any question, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.
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