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Here comes another endless runner Zigzag Crossing. The only difference is that it cannot run in a straight line. Every movement is in one of two dimensions and it is irreversible! Zigzag Crossing for PC is the most exciting endless runner release in these days. At first look, it does not look like much. We thought it will be quite easy and it might not live up to class of its genre. But this is really an amazing game. Zigzag Crossing is addictive and impossible to master. See, all the ingredients for a successful runner game are right here. Now download Zigzag Crossing for Windows and Mac and start playing on computer. Lets discuss the game and how it stands out in the crowd and why it can be a succesful game.

For past few years, the competition in mobile gaming has been fierce. We have seen thousands of new released from which few have survived. Every game developers wants to charm its players and make it as fun as possible. The definition of fun was modified with the release of Flappy Bird last year. Players went crazy over this game. Since then, lot of game developers have followed the same path and delivered some crazy titles. Zigzag Crossing is the latest game to be seen in Android Store. Zigzag Crossing for PC is now possible to install. The gameplay is more or less the same. Those who do not have access to an appropriate device or those who do not like gaming on phone like me, can download Zigzag Crossing for Bluestacks or Andy and play it on Windows and Mac machines.

Zigzag crossing for pc bluestacks windows mac Zigzag crossing for pc mac osx

This game has a very simple concept, apparently! We have two moves. Move left or move right. The movement is among square boxes so it is all in same speed and space every time. Once the hen has moved to a direction, it cannot come back. In short, you can only go forward in Zigzag Crossing. That’s why it is important to plan the route before making a move in this game. There are multiple locations with different adversaries like Lava, Snow and water. There are few levels with traps as well. Avoid these traps. Oh! And the most important part. Players do not have lot of time to play moves here. The tiles or land just keeps on collapsing so you gotta hurry before you fall out. This game is pretty exciting for all kinds of gamers and even non-gamers. Download Zigzag Crossing for PC and play it using Bluestacks 2 or Andy. Here are the steps.

Required Download:

To install Zigzag Crossing for PC, read from the list given below. We have mentioned three Android emulators; BlueStacks App Player, Pre-Rooted BlueStacks App Player & Andy Android Emulator. You can download any one from them.

BlueStacks App Player | Rooted BlueStacks | BlueStacks 2 | Andy Emulator

Zigzag Crossing APK Download

How to Download Zigzag Crossing for PC Windows or Mac OSX

  1. Download Zigzag Crossing APK from the link given above.
  2. Place it anywhere on your PC.
  3. Make sure that Bluestacks or Andy has been installed.
  4. Open the downloaded APK with Bluestacks or Andy.
  5. It will be installed automatically.
  6. Now open app menu and run the game.
  7. If it does not work, follow following steps.
  8. Download BlueStacks App Player for your PC.
  9. Setup your Google Play Store if you didn’t do that before.
  10. Now search “Zigzag Crossing” on Google Play Store.
  11. Open it and click on Install button and proceed further.
  12. It will start downloading Zigzag Crossing on your PC via BlueStacks App Player.
  13. Once it’s done, you can find it on app drawer of BlueStacks App Player.
  14. The same method can be applied on Andy Android Emulator.
  15. If you have any question, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.
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