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Dong Nguyen is back with a sequel of Swing Copters. He is the one who created that infamous game known as Flappy Bird. He again developed another game called Swing Copters and now we are finally having a sequel that is known as Swing Copters 2. This game is available for Android & iOS only. Now you can Download Swing Copters 2 for PC & Mac from here. This means that you are not limited anymore. You can have fun even on bigger screens without any hassle. If you are into it, then follow the instructions above but is it really worth playing Swing Copters 2? In order to play Swing Copters 2 on PC, you need to download its APK file from here and the rest of the guide is pretty easy to follow.

You can download Swing Copters 2 for PC running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, & Mac OS X. This means that there is no stopping you. The developer of this game made a fun of those users who have played Flappy Birds and have a score up to hundreds. It’s a challenge for those Flappy Birds champions to play and score in Swing Copters 2. Swing Copters was a fun simple tap to play game and the sequel of that game offers some better graphics and more difficulty then you have ever imagined. Now you have unlock-character system. Buy all characters or progress in the game to unlock some cool characters in Swing Copters 2.


You have a cute little 8-bit character dude who is willing to fly. Your task is simple, just tap on the screen to move left and tap again to move right. You will fly on your own, just tap in this game, go up and avoid all the obstacles. Do you have guts to challenge your mind & soul in to this game? If so, then hurry up and download Swing Copters 2 for Windows PC & Mac OS X from here. I played this game on Smartphone for an hour and my score was just 3. I didn’t able to beat my score after that. When I tried it on PC I wasn’t able to score at all because that’s how it is. This game is even more difficult if you have to play with a mouse or touchpad. As you can see below, the scores are so high that I am proud of myself.

Proudly showing you my high scores!

I scored up to 500 in Flappy Birds but Swing Copters and Swing Copters 2 are way too difficult to score. They get on nerves and I ended up having an extreme headache. This game is addicting at its peak but it gets annoying with time because it is too much difficult to handle. If you want to challenge yourself, then download and play Swing Copters 2 for PC or Mac OS X. In order to do that, you need to download Android emulator for PC. In order to download Swing Copters 2 for PC & Mac OS X, then carefully follow the instructions given below and don’t forget to share your highest scores with us.

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How to Install Swing Copters 2 for PC:

  • Download any Android Emulator for your PC:

BlueStacks App Player | Rooted BlueStacks | BlueStacks 2Andy Emulator

  • Download the APK file of this app from here:

Download Swing Copters 2 APK | Mirror

  • Now follow remaining easy guide from below:

How To Run Android Apps & Games With BlueStacks

The guide given above is for BlueStacks but the same guide works on Andy Android emulator. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

Remix OS is a new option to run Android Apps and Games on Windows and Mac OS X. Follow the steps here to Download and install Remix OS on PC. Use it to play this game and many others in a completely new fashion.

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