Download Remix OS for PC & Mac

From the above guide you can download Remix OS for PC Windows & Mac OS X. Jide Technology recently introduced Remix OS. The name is confusing but it let you run Android OS on your PC & Mac for free. They have made it free for everyone, although you need to fulfill some requirements in order to use Remix OS on your PC. Why this is worth your time? If you are in to downloading Android games and application on PCs, then you probably understand the struggle. We have to rely on Android emulators. Android emulators are not half bad but still not good enough either. For some cool and heavy games, it lacks what it takes to rely on.

Obviously Android emulators always helped us when we wanted to use some specific app for PC but things got little better eventually. Thanks to Jide, you can use a complete Android OS that offers much more than just an ordinary OS. It was built on the Android-x86 project and there is much more you have to know about this. The best thing about Remix OS is the multitasking feature. You can really use the Android OS with so much flexibility.


If you need a permanent solution to play Android games on PC & Mac, then this is a good solution for you. You can download and install it but wait a minute. There is a catch for Remix OS. What you need is an 8GB USB with Fat32 format. There is much more to it. In order to install Remix OS for PC and Mac, then follow the instructions given below.


  • A USB 3.0 flash drive that supports Fat32 format. (With the minimum capacity of 8GB and 20MB/s writing speed)
  • BIOS should have legacy mode enabled. (If not, you can Google it and enable it manually)
  • 64-bit compatible CPU.
  • Remix OS 2.0 & Remix OS USB Installer.

How to Install Remix OS for PC & Mac

  • All you need is to download Remix OS and its USB installer from the link given above. This is an official link. So you can download it from here, or you can download it from its official site as well.
  • It will offer a zip file. Once downloaded, extract anywhere on your PC.
  • Plug in your USB and format it to FAT32 before proceeding any further.
  • Now once you have done all these steps, then open Remix OS USB installer tool that you acquired in first step.
  • This tool is easy to understand. Load the .iso file in it from the first step as well and select your USB in it and click OK.
  • It will start copying those files and create the bootable USB. It might take a while.
  • Now Reboot your PC or Mac.
  • If you PC user, press “F12” and if you are a Mac user press “Option” in order to go to the Boot menu.
  • Now all you need is to select that USB as a boot option.
  • You will be given a two options after that. You can choose Guest Mode or Resident Mode. Guest Mode will not save your data while the other one will. Choose one option from them, wait for it to load and have fun using a complete Android experience on your PC & Mac.

You can finally play Android games and apps without any hassle with the help of Remix OS. If you have any question, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

Remix OS is a new option to run Android Apps and Games on Windows and Mac OS X. Follow the steps here to Download and install Remix OS on PC. Use it to play this game and many others in a completely new fashion.

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