Download Flippy Bottle Extreme for PC & Mac OS X

Bottle flip is really an endless trend that people still do out there on YouTube channels and stuff. This game is now so common that if you are a student, you can relate to it that people try to do this if they have a bottle or something. This game is so popular that some people introduce this as an Android or iOS games. The name of the game is Flippy Bottle Extreme! This is an action game available for Android & iOS for free. The good thing is that you can now Download Flippy Bottle Extreme for PC & Mac OS X by following our guide given ahead.

This is really a promising game as it offers a wonderful pixel-like visuals. The task of this game is extremely simple yet it is extremely hard to play. Controls are simple and easy to understand but still you can’t beat this game that easily. The first word of this game resemblance the one of the notorious name “Flappy Bird”. The reason why I am mentioning that game right now is because this game offers the same kind of frustration that comes with easy to play yet hard to win type of game.

You would want to play this game while using abusive language because it will annoy you when you will realize that Flipping a bottle in real life was hard but this is ever harder. The best tip to play this game is to never lose you cool while playing this game. There are various modes in this game that will make you never uninstall this game. In free mode, you just need to flap the bottle and earn score. That’s all. In level mode, you can level up successfully flipping the bottle to the next surface. There are various funny yet impossible mode as well.

You can flip on a cap of a bottle or you can flip a bottle on a tower. Are you that crazy? Can you play this madness and compete others? If so, then hurry up and download this extremely impossible to play yet epic game on PC & Mac OS X. You can download Flippy Bottle Extreme for PC that runs Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, & Mac OS X. That means you have endless number of possibility to run this game on bigger screens. In order to do that, you need to get your hands on Android emulator for PC. Andy & BlueStacks 2 are the best one available for PC so far. In order to download and play Flippy Bottle Extreme for PC & Mac, then carefully follow the instructions given below.

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How to Install Flippy Bottle Extreme for PC:

Download any Android Emulator for your PC:

BlueStacks | Rooted BlueStacks | BlueStacks 2Andy Emulator

Download the APK file of this app from here:

Download Flippy Bottle Extreme APK

Now follow remaining easy guide from below:

How To Run Android Apps & Games With BlueStacks

The guide given above is for BlueStacks but the same guide works on Andy Android emulator. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

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