Download Brain Dots For Windows 7, 8 & 8.1

Here you can learn on how to download and install Brain Dots for PC. You can download and install Brain Dots game on Windows PC and Mac PC. If you have played Brain Wars, then you are going to definitely fall in love with the concept of this game. This game is recently getting lots of publicity and this is all because of its amazing gameplay. This game is available for Android and iOS but now you can play this game on PC. If you don’t have an Android or iOS, you can still enjoy this. So in this guide you will now about playing Brain Dots for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10.

I played many games and no doubt Google Play Store is a huge place where you can find a game according to your liking. There are not just paid but also free games as well which offers in-app purchases. That means even if you can’t afford to buy lots of games, there are still awesome choices left in a free games although you will have to suffer from some apps and a bit of in-app purchases at some points.

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I am an Android addict or you can say, I love to play Android games a lot. That is why I visit Google Play Store more often that helps me to find some suitable games for you. Why trust DroidForPC? Because we are not just focusing on famous games with millions of downloads. Instead of that, we are telling you about some games which are not even popular but they are extremely addicting.

Brain Dots is really a nice game and probably the best puzzle game I have played in 2015. It is powered by a top developer who created Brain Wars too. This game is beyond our imagination. Before getting any further, let me tell you that this game only needs your flexible thinking. The only difficulty in this game is the lack of your imagination.

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The task in this game is pretty simple, there are two balls with some distance. You need to bump those two balls. How you will do that? With the help of your imagination. You have a pencil and page like incredible UI. Draw something that will help those two balls to bump to each other and once done, you will clear a level. This game is easy at the very begin inning but level after level it keeps getting much difficult. There are two things I love about this game, one is that you need to use your imagination, the only limit in this game is your lack of imagination. The other thing is that, during a level, you will sometimes create wrong lines or shape and at that point you have to think faster than ever before to do anything to complete the level. These things really improve the thinking power of your mind and what you have to do in a dangerous situation. Once you conquer your mind, there is just no stopping you.

If you are really part of a new generation that are totally in love with this game then you should definitely get this game to a whole new and more epic level. Creativeness in this game is pretty endless, so we are helping you on changing the awesomeness of this game to much more then you will enjoy on your Smartphone and the way is to play it on PC & Mac. You can play it on PC with an ease because we test every game before putting it on public.

These days, mostly are using Windows 7 but even if you have Windows XP, Windows 8.1 and even Windows 10, then you can still play this game on your PC without any hesitation. The limits ends here because if you play it on PC or Mac OS X, you will release yourself from the worst Smartphone issues and one of them are battery issues. No matter which Smartphone you have, there is nothing that can help your battery if you want to play lots of games.


Windows 10 is a newest update that almost 14 million users are using for free right now, so everyone is looking for a way to know that if an Android emulator really works well on Windows 10. We have tested it and its working pretty neat, so now you can play Brain Dots even on Windows latest treasure. This game is free to play for Smartphones but now you can play it even on your Desktop. For that, you need to complete the requirements given below.

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Download Brain Dots For PC:

  • Download any Android Emulator for your PC:

BlueStacks App Player | Rooted BlueStacks | BlueStacks 2 | Andy Emulator

  • Download the APK file of this app from here:

Brain Dots APK

  • Now follow remaining easy guide from below:

How To Run Android Apps & Games With BlueStacks

The guide given above is for BlueStacks but the same guide works on Andy Android emulator. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment box below. :)

Remix OS is a new option to run Android Apps and Games on Windows and Mac OS X. Follow the steps here to Download and install Remix OS on PC. Use it to play this game and many others in a completely new fashion.

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