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Learn to download and install Angry Birds 2 for PC. Here you can download and install Angry Birds 2 game on Windows PC and Mac PC. Angry Birds 2 is the sequel to the already successful game Angry Birds. This is one of the hottest games available right now. Now you can play Angry Birds 2 on Computer for free. Angry Birds 2 is available for Android and iOS right now. If you do not have access to such a device, even then you can enjoy Angry Birds 2 game. In this guide, you will learn how to install Angry Birds 2 on PC and play it for free. You can enjoy full features of Angry Birds 2 on PC and game works flawlessly. Follow the guide given below to install Angry Birds 2 on Windows 7,8,10 and Mac OS X.

Angry Birds has been designed by Rovio and many versions of Angry Birds like Angry Birds Star Wars have been released afterwards. Every successful product has a lot of work behind it. Before coming across Angry Birds, developers of Angry Birds had developed almost 50 games, which failed miserably. They never gave up and blessed the gaming world with an amazing game like Angry Birds. The gaming world has paid back with great honor and today Angry Birds is an established franchise and it is famous among all age groups. Angry Birds was just the start and developers have invested in this concept in many other games. We have seen many editions to first part of Angry Birds like Angry Birds Star Wars and more. All of these games have been massive hits in mobile phones and computers alike.


In Angry Birds, Angry Birds slingshot themselves to destroy the bad piggies and their hideouts. Bad Piggies reside in wooden homes which are prone to damage. Angry Birds have a long rivalry with these bad piggies which goes back ages. Now Angry Birds have decided to take a stand and take on them one-on-one. Angry Birds start with the iconic red birds which slingshot themselves at piggies and destroy them along with their homes. As the game progresses, there are more bird types available. Each bird has special abilities. Their unique abilities come in use in various levels. All new levels have unique challenges and creative Piggie homes which can be destroyed by a coordinated Angry Birds attack. Every kind of bird has to play its role in the game to win the battle. As a player, you have to choose wisely which bird to use and how to use. Play your attacks in Angry Birds and make sure that you destroy enemy is as few attacks as possible. This way you will get maximum point. Heroic attacks get you more points.

Angry Birds 2 takes the already successful game a whole new level. This time, the Birds are more aggressive and the targets are more tough. As a player of Angry Birds 2, you must take your game to a whole new level. Make sure that you never miss your target in Angry Birds 2. In this guide, as you learn to install Angry Birds 2 on PC, it will be much easier to play this game on computers. Angry Birds 2 on PC runs smoothly. With the help of big screen, it is much easier to aim for the targets and make sure that you never accidentally miss a shot. By play Angry Birds 2 with a PC’s mouse pointer, missing a target is very unlikely. Moreover, by playing Angry Birds 2 on PC, you can save your phone’s battery life. This game is very addicting and at the same time battery hungry. It consumes phone’s battery due to rich graphics and intuitive animations. By playing Angry Birds 2 on computer, you can save yourself from the trouble of charging your phone again and again.


Most of the computers are running Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1. Now as Windows 10 has been released, more and more computers are shifting to Windows 10 everyday. Macs mostly run on Mac OS X. You can install Angry Birds 2 on both Windows 7,8,8.1,10 and Mac OS X. Angry Birds 2 can be installed on older versions of Windows like Windows XP and  Windows Vista as well. However there are not many users of these versions of Windows XP and Windows Vista at this time. In this guide, you can learn to install Angry Birds 2 on all versions of Windows. Make sure that you follow all the steps of this guide.

Angry Birds 2 is mainly available for mobile devices with touchscreens. Now most users must be wondering how to play this game on a computer. There are some computers in which touchscreen input is available but what about those without touchscreen input. For those computers, Angry Birds 2 can be played easily too. The touchscreen input on a capacitive device can be copied by using the mouse left-click. Pressing mouse button on any area of game screen will be equivalent to touching the screen at that point. So, playing the game on big screens becomes a lot easier. Angry Birds 2 can be played more precisely when aiming with the gaming mouse. You will be able to play Angry Birds 2 for many hours without having to charge the phone or tablet.

Angry Birds 2 for PC is free to download and play. Note that you cannot download the APK file of Angry Birds 2 and install it directly on any computer. Even if you have the right emulator to run any kind of APK, it will not be enough. Angry Birds can be installed on Bluestacks which is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Unlike many other applications which are installed on Bluestacks PC directly by downloading the APK file of that application, Angry Birds 2 must be installed directly from Google Play Store. This is a bit tricky as many will think how to get the Google Play Store on computers. We have got the entire guide here for you. In Bluestacks, Google Play Store can be used just like mobile phones and tablets. In this way, you will be able to install Angry Birds 2 on your PC.


In Angry Birds 2, new features and locations have been introduced. It has received positive reviews from all over the world. It is being ranked as one of the best games available right now. We would expect such hype from the sequel from any successful game but Angry Birds 2 alone, is a brilliant game. If you are a hardcore fan of Angry Birds and you had high expectations from Angry Birds 2, you will be not be disappointed. In Angry Birds PC, you will be able to enjoy some of the best features this game has to offer. We are sure that many other editions for Angry Birds 2 will be released as well. These editions will take us to new and exciting locations. For now, we must enjoy Angry Birds 2 on PC. Have fun with this game. Follow the steps given below.

Required Download

From the list given below, we have mentioned three Android emulators; BlueStacks App Player, Pre-Rooted BlueStacks App Player & Andy Android Emulator. You can download any one from them.

BlueStacks App Player | Rooted BlueStacks | Andy Emulator

How to Download Angry Birds 2 on PC

  1. Download BlueStacks App Player for your PC.
  2. Setup your Google Play Store if you didn’t do that before.
  3. Now search “Angry Birds 2” on Google Play Store.
  4. Open it and click on Install button and proceed further.
  5. It will start downloading Angry Birds 2 on your PC via BlueStacks App Player.
  6. Once it’s done, you can find it on app drawer of BlueStacks App Player.
  7. The same method can be applied on Andy Android Emulator.
  8. If you have any question, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.
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