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Good news Android users. As you already know that Google announced the latest upcoming update that in Android M. Rumors says that it stands for Milkshake but now some others are saying that it will be named as Milky Way. But only Google knows better. We will know it soon enough! Other than that, we are really pleased to know that they are not just focusing on UI design this time like Android L. This time they are working on a better usability and a perfect stability also.

Developer preview of Android M is available for Google Nexus 5, 6 & 9. There are lots of other things too. Android L faced lots of issues but now they are fixing all those creepy features. It’s good to know that the profile section of Android M is much better than its previous update. The worst problem is also solved now that we will able to use SD Card without any restriction. Other than that, we will also get to see a good family section on Google Play Store and there is much more to talk about.

We have gathered there 11 stock wallpapers for you. You can download it from here and use them on your Smartphones and tablets. As we noticed these; single wallpaper was different but the rest of them were the same as they had on Android Lollipop. You can download these Android M wallpapers from below and also share your thoughts about that new update.

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Download Android M Stock Wallpapers in Zip File:

If you are downloading the file from Mega on your Smartphone and you don’t have their application, then there is a quick solution for that. Simply open it on any browser, then turn it in to “Desktop View”, you are good to go!

Download Android M Stock Wallpapers Selectively:

If you are downloading these wallpapers from this slideshow on your PC, then simply right click on desired wallpaper and click on save image option. But if you want to download them from your Smartphone, then tap and hold on your desired wallpaper, then tap on save image option.

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