About Us

Android is a biggest place to do almost anything and people love it especially for gaming or communication purpose. We think that any Smartphone is incomplete without any creative and brilliant apps in it. We rely on our Smartphone these days and no doubt they provide everything we once wished for but there are many problems we faced with Smartphones and one of the popular issue is battery juice. Battery juice is not so good almost on any Smartphone, so we cannot really enjoy everything anytime. To save you from that cruel problem, we are providing you a best way to use Android on PC or Mac.

The ability to run Android applications on desktop platform is provided by Google officially which makes it more user-friendly and OS of the future. There are many other reasons people will rely on such stuff, like some of them can’t afford a Smartphone, or they have low-end Smartphones. In the end, they have to do things in limits. All the games and applications are checked by DroidForPC, so you can easily use them on your desktop too. Why we do that? So that everyone can easily confirm that the game works completely fine on desktop.

We are a team of two Android lovers and we will find the best games & applications that you can experience on your desktop. I am Arslan Saleem and I am looking forward to help everyone related to running apps and games on desktop. You can contact me anytime at arslanorigamist12@gmail.com